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Assignment 13 - Create a Game - Part 1

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CalcStacker - Custom Deck Version
Game concept inspired by PyraMath. Ideas taken from PyraMath include:

- Can be played with a real deck of custom cards
- Can be played online. Online version runs math calculations automatically.
- It is an educational tool developed in an educational environment
- Develops mental dexterity at 2 operand calculations

In addition, CalcStacker:
- Introduces the concept of a digital calculator
- Uses techniques covered in this course

Objective: Score points by putting poker cards through stack calculators.

It's like FreeCell with Math!

This version is the same as playing with a real poker deck.

I will also make a version with a custom deck.

Also, this can be adapted into an animated video game. 

Difficulty settings could allow user to change number of holding cells or number of calculators.

Step 1:
Deal a card

Step 2:
Drag card to desired location

the 5 boxes on the top row are 'holding cells'

the 2 boxes on the bottom are stack calculators.

In this version, we use a traditional poker deck and assign value to each card.

ace = 1
  2 = 2
  3 = 3
  4 = 4
  5 = 5
  6 = 6
  7 = 7
  8 = 8
  9 = 9
 10 = d (divide)
  J = s (subtract)
  Q = m (multiply)
  K = a (add)

Red Joker = multiply
Black Joker = add

Game ennds when you have used up the deck.

Resources used for this assignment:
Created using JSFiddle:

Made by combining code from two jsfiddles by Dr. Eaglin - -

Card images from Google Code Archive are hosted on server -

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