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Assignment 14 - Create a Game - Part 2

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How to Play
Drag cards onto open spots or stacks
Stacks can hold 2 cards at a time
Operators apply to the 2 cards on the Stack
Objective is to get the high score by adding the total of both stacks.

Game concept inspired by PyraMath. Ideas taken from PyraMath include:

- Can be played with a real deck of custom cards
- Can be played online. Online version runs math calculations automatically.
- It is an educational tool developed in an educational environment
- Develops mental dexterity at 2 operand calculations

In addition, CalcStacker:
- Introduces the concept of a digital calculator
- Uses techniques covered in this course

Objective: Score points by putting poker cards through stack calculators.

It's like FreeCell with Math!

This version is the same as playing with a real poker deck.

I will also make a version with a custom deck.

Also, this can be adapted into an animated video game. 

Difficulty settings could allow user to change number of holding cells or number of calculators.

Developer notes:

This version, uses a deck 54 cards.
This achieves the same balance of traditional poker deck and assign value to each card.

To prove the power of this class, the whole game only uses technology taught in this class. It is an adaptaion of assignment 7.

In response to Dr. Eaglin's suggestions:

Added Sound (using jQuery)

Developr algorithm to cmake sure game does not get locked-up with due drawing too many numerators or operators in a row.

Error checking used to allow/deny card moves based on current environment data.

Sound feedback:
 - 	all illegal moves are rejected by crowd booing!
 - 	legal moves are rewardes by crowds clapping.
 - 	scoring point i rewarde by crowds cheering.

Resources used for this assignment:
Sound Sources: Claping Sounds from Clapping and cheering sounds from Piano sounds from Created using JSFiddle:

Made by combining code from two jsfiddles by Dr. Eaglin - -

Card images from Google Code Archive are hosted on server -

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