COP4813 - Web Systems I

Assignment 5 - Learning Introspective

You are going to write a single spaced one page introspective of the material that you have learned in this class and also of the skills that you still must learn to be employable as a web systems programmer. I recommend looking at the job postings for web developers and software developers to get an idea of the requirements. Even if you are not planning on a career path in web development - you should have an understanding of the requirements of these jobs (or jobs in whatever IT field you select) - and what is necessary to be fully employable upon graduation. List of job listings analyzed for this Asssignment:
Info Technology Technician I(Job Number: 09829)

Computer Technichian

Web Programmer

Java/J2EE Developer  Entry Level

Front-End Web Developer

Info Technology Technician I(Job Number: 09829)

Resources used for this assignment:

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